Technology Today

What are your thoughts on technology today? Technology allows students to express creativity and can be the key to successful learning.  Innovative technology, web tools, applications, hardware, and software allow students to express themselves and make learning meaningful.  Investigating content through the use of technology of their own choosing provides students with opportunities for exploration and innovation.  I like to use digital media, audio tours, and interactive technology like Qclick clickers to engage students. In the comment section below, tell us what devices and tools you use to empower learners to be creative and develop useful skills in everyday life.


Blog Launch

Today is the launch of SheServed, a blog that creates a platform on issues that speak to women’s roles in history, education, and innovations in technology. The belief in designing this blog is that developing an online community will allow creative ideas and opinions to cultivate thoughtful discussions and debate. This site welcomes open conversations among students, teachers, the military, and the global community.  The blog supports diverse perspectives on these subjects. Respectful discourse is important in our ability to communicate, collaborate, and learn. A mutual deference to contributor’s opinions is important and critical to SheServed’s success.

*Thanks to the U.S. Army Women’s Museum for resourcing media and content for this blog.